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Current Music:jack johnson/better together
Subject:"it went out"
Time:12:40 am
Current Mood:okaypretty good

sooo these last couple days have been pretty busy...
shopping spree yesterday for the nordstrom sale
got a new kate spade bag yesssssss and some pretty sweet clothes.
not to mention the fact that...

Yesterday Was Kate's 20th Birthdayyyy!! 

"every girl should wear a tiara on their birthday"

and this is for her:

"happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to 'you would'
happy birthday to you"

...yeah you wouldn't get it

she had probably the coolest cake everrr

then we went to probably the coolest restaurant everrr (the mai kai duhh)

*note the awesome tropical drink menus
kate and dad

tomorrow morning my day consists of church and then we leave for naples for a mini-family vacation
all in all i'd say things have been pretty good lately.

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Current Music:regina, what else?
Subject:everybody's changing and i don't feel the same
Time:12:16 am
Current Mood:numbnumb

things have been okay lately. today sucked. i always remembered the 4th of July as being so much fun when i was little. this year was a total let-down. a lot of things seem to be really disappointing actually. it's just like everything i knew to be true or right is not. it's weird and really sad. anyways...my blood tests from the doctor came back, not that anyone asked. lol i'm healthy which is good. i got some stomach tranquilizers and some other helpful pills incase it comes back, but im hoping it doesn't. b got really sick last night and didn't get any better today. so if you think of her pray for her because she really isn't good. i don't know i just feel really sad almost all the time. i miss a lot of people who i used to be close to and it seems like everyone is different. i hate it.

anyways on a happy note: it was sunny today! i tanned for a while and swam in the pool in my new bathing suit..yeaaahh.

annnddd paige got a new puppy!!! BRIA is soo cute

aww she fell asleep on me at the beach last night.

sleeping in paige's lap. soo precious.

this just kills me everytime hahahahahaha so not lesbo..just humor.

ok well thats the end of that.

"and i know there'll be a day
when all these things will go away
and the diamond i'm left holding will be You"


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Current Music:regina spektor/carbon monoxide
Subject:i'm so cool. i'm so cool. i'm so cool.
Time:12:34 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful


so i have found enjoyment in regina spektor
she's pretty much the best ever
and i'll burn you a mix tape of some of her awesome songs
if you just ask.

the reunion with mcclintock and co. went very well
they're all really fun to hang out with
even if we don't really have anything cool to do.
we went bowling last friday
and to steak and shake
then to justin's.

us on the way there

whatttt it is

hahah b bowling

tonight was fun
went to city place with the boys
paige wasn't able to attend =(
but we still had fun
running around in the rain
kava bar at clematis
and eating

me and b on the way to city place

i probably should've been watching the road

hahahahahaah that stupid trolly. we got soaked.

kava makes you a little crazyyyyy

and a little bit tired lol

i've been a lot happier lately
and that alone makes me even happier.

the keane concert was absolutely amazing
if i haven't already told you.
im pretty much obsessed with them now.

work has been really good but filled with too much drama
all in all everythings good though =)

"you are my sweetest downfall
i loved you first,
i loved you first."

--regina yessss

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Current Music:the rocket summer/around the clock
Subject:DANCE until we just can't
Time:01:37 am
Current Mood:pleasedcontent for the moment

ahh i can't wait 'til paige and i take a roadtrip.
we need to figure out when and where...and who!
this city is making me kind of crazy
and i really just want to drive....
until i end up somewhere awesome.

west palm always makes me smile
andy and steve with two franklins thrown in
yessssssss =)

AND rumour has it that...
there's a serious reunion this friday =)
with mcclintock and co.

the keane concert is tomorrow night...
im really excited about that

you know what else i'm really excited about:
sewing kate some pillows...
in return for an ipod
what a crazy girl, but im not complaining

"sharks are like dogs"
no one understands our humour
and that's the way we like it =)

hallie and i had a really good conversation tonight
about boys and things of that sort
but not those stupid 7th grade boy conversations lol

i really want to take photography classes somewhere.

i am not into
the idea of living without you
and i am not into
the idea of being without you

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Current Music:dashboard
Subject:trophy display of bruises
Time:11:01 pm
Current Mood:gloomyok

things have been okay lately, i guess

my cousins from england and texas are
down which has been a lot of fun and a great
distraction from normal life.

"suzie, you got your A kicked on prom night, BEEEEECCHHH!"
-only paige-

i wanted to buy that puppy soooo baddd paige!!
but hey, this is the girl speaking who spent $30 in
the rag shop on God knows what! lol

well, i got more hours for work so that'll
keep me busy and increase my checks
which means i'll probably be shopping soon <3

my favorite stephen gave me some good advice
so im trying to stay concentrated on what is to come
and not on how low i feel now; it's still so hard for me

"no one should ever

 feel the way that i feel now"

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Current Music:banana pancakes/jack johnson
Subject:you gotta wake up slow
Time:11:49 am
Current Mood:hungryhungry

well well well...i haven't updated in so long but not much has happend to be honest.
i've been sick for five days but i made it to jr.sr. which was a pretty good time. i couldn't eat any of the chocolate fondu which was seriously upsetting. but i guess i was pretty content with my crackers lol and i am feeling a lot better today.

if anyone needs a good diet plan...come down with a stomach virus:

"B, don't eat all of those fritos. i want some when i get better."
"When you get better i'll buy you your own bag of fritos."- my mom

i thought for sure i wouldn't make it to prom but i did!!
my mommy rushed me over to Nordstrom to the makeup artist considering i looked like i had gotten hit by a bus right before prom:
"you sure have your work cut out for you." -thanks mom

looking healthier after hair and makeup:



oh look at the twins!...yeah no, im not laughing.

paige and B

paige looked like a punk rock princess...loves it.
the parents and my sweetie of course:

nathan looked so hott.com in his tux!!

everyone looked so good at jr.sr. and im excited for the upcoming year, especially our trip to EUROPE as seniors! yessss.

well i gotta go get ready for mother's day lunch. hopefully i can eat.

PS-i've become unhealthily obsessed with jack johnson's newest CD entitled "In Between Dreams"- i'll burn you a copy...no i mean it i will, just ask.

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Time:08:17 pm

NATESKATE15: i lined up all my animal crackers on my laptop
NATESKATE15: it's like a parade
NATESKATE15: i ate them

i don't know where i would be or what i would do without nathan lyons in my life =)


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Current Music:motion city soundtrack/the future freaks me out
Subject:new york cittaayyyy
Time:02:26 pm
Current Mood:sickkinda sick =(

new york was sooo much fun. the weather wasn't always that great but it was still such a great place to visit.
 here are some pictures from it:

my daddy is the best. he got us a limo to pick us up from the airport

me and b in the diner on the way to the hotel

kate in her potato sack shirt

shopping in the worst weather of all time. on FIFTH AVENUE =)

a rest from shopping in starbucks at TRUMP TOWERRR

st.patricks cathedral. awesome

me and b in the city. nice hair b

a really cool building on wall street

the new york stock exchange building on wall street

mom, me, kate, and b in central park. so pretty

the ground zero memorial list of names. i found the grazioso's on the middle block

happy to be back in warm weather and sun!!

"good one!"

we went to two awesome shows while we were in ny: stomp and the lion king. they were both so good. the shopping was awesome although i still had problems spending money lol. i missed my love too! all right this post is way too long. hope you enjoyed the pictures. see ya. until next time: YOU GREEK?

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Current Music:frou frou/let go
Subject:"its a trick wahhh"
Time:10:10 pm
Current Mood:gloomywhateverr

i guess things have been pretty good lately.
this past weekend was horrribble and still so not funny.

my sweetie is in puerto rico for spring break and im so jealous. but so happy for him. but so missing him. <33

ahh schools been stressful lately and i want to leave it forever.

"the wind forcast for today is southwest five minus ten."

so this was a fun one:
i walk by my mom's room and shes on the phone with one of her friends or something and i hear:
"do you love it?"

yeah and thats about it because im boring. ok see ya

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Time:09:02 pm

bLaMe CaNaDa kL: take my nakedness/fabioness off ur lj !
fieryangel1028: no wayyy

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